Your Therapist

Hi! My name is Stephanie Barbee. Thank you for visiting and trusting me with supporting your growth and healing. As a licensed clinical social worker, I take an integrative approach that draws from various interventions to help clients. I have experience in working with attachment challenges and big T and little T traumas, as well as "life is hard right now" stressors. I believe in healing being a holistic process and work to help you explore mind, body, and spirit. I am also available to provide support to groups, in community settings (such as schools and churches), organizations, workshops, speaking engagements, and conferences. If you have a specific need, feel free to reach out for a consultation and we can discuss best ways to move forward, whether through collaboration or referral to a different source. I am grateful you are here and I look forward to working together toward  your healing or the healing of your community.

Stephanie Barbee, LCSW, MSW

She/Her/Hers pronouns